Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chocolate Adzuki Bites

I knew about Adzuki beans for a while but never used it in desserts before. I was introduced to it by Japanese friend and liked it. I started reading about it more and found this great recipe. No flour, no bake, no eggs.
It takes little bit of planning because you need to soak beans. But other than that it is easy and the end result is a tasty and healthy desert. My kids liked it too. Bingo!
Here is the recipe:


Note:You can buy Adzuki beans in Japanese stores and Whole Foods has it too.


  1. THANK YOU! I'm really into no flour, no bake, no eggs kind of cookies, they taste so much better than "regular" ones and are healthier. Loving it :P I love the photo, too! Great colors :)

  2. From what I have heard Adzuki beans are a great nutritional alternative.

  3. This recipe is definitely healthy and nutritional. I am looking for good recipes without too much flour etc. But please do not stop posting your delicious "school stuff" - I love them and it truly shares the first place along with my moms cookbook when I am craving something sweet ;)

  4. Awwww, I'm so happy to hear you love them so much! :) Thank you <3 That's why I keep posting the recipes here, as I think it is a very nice way to share when we find something new and healthy or to save our family heritage.
    I've bought a bag of adzuki beans and am going to try making these chocolate bites. :P
    Likewise, I'm on a paleo diet when it comes to sweets nowadays. Check out the coconut lemon meltaways when you get a chance, I like their lemony freshness on a warm summer day :)