Kitchen notes

Welcome to the new section of our blog where we will share useful kitchen tips that we learned over time or found it useful from other contributors online.

  • How to buy and store summer produce
    This is what was unusual/interesting to me: 
    • Corn: Look for green husks that are not too dry and that have moist golden silk. 
    • Eggplant: If stored too long, eggplant becomes bitter.
    • Figs: Purchase figs fully ripe, as flavor won’t improve after harvest; fruit should give to gentle pressure.

Cooking with eggs


  1. How do we add posts to this section of the blog? :)

  2. First of all, THANK YOU for all your blog contributions!! I love how our blog became my 'go to' place when in need of a recipe look-up! That was the thinking behind having this 'Kitchen notes' page as well...
    Right below 'Posts' on the blog editing site, there is 'Pages' section (above Comments) with 'Kitchen notes' page that you can edit.

    Your panettone recipe became the 100th recipe on our blog! Wooohoo! :D