Friday, February 26, 2016

Sweet potatoe fries a la Jamie Oliver

Not only are they perfect with a salad, as a side dish, but for me these sweet potatoe fries can easily pass as a dessert!
The recipe is available online here

Bon ap!


  1. Wow!Jamie O has awesome recipes. I was making sweet potato fries many times - it was not so popular among the rest of the house,but I like it. I have to try this recipe. Thank you!
    PS. Awesome photo (better than JO)

  2. Yes! I have his cookbook: "Jamie's Food Revolution: Rediscover how to cook simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals", I'll lend it to you when we exchange books ;)
    Oh thank you, thank you! ;) I've thought so too that my photo was better, hahaha :D

  3. Lol. Indeed is better - it makes you want to make it right away. Lets exchange books soon. Let me know your schedule :)