Saturday, October 31, 2015

Whole Pumpkin Pie Soup

It is Halloween again. We did not have that holiday as kids. Still so much fun for the kids and so much memories. I was lucky  to live it with my fairies, princesses, owls, seahorse, dancers, ladybugs, butterflies :)
However, this time of year in US always meant one thing to me: all the colors of nature, food and of course cooking. Pumpkins!!! I love them- the shape, the colors, to eat them, pumpkin seeds then persimmons, pomegranates, apples, apple cider etc.
This recipe for pumpkin soup inside of whole pumpkin was something I always wanted to make on Halloween night but the kids were too small for it to happen I guess. I made it this year and I am glad I did. It turned out great and much better then your regular pumpkin soup in a pot.

The best part was: I did not miss a minute (ok maybe ten minutes because  I had to come back home and open the lid of the pumpkin to add  goat cheese to it) of trick or treating with my owl and flamneco dancer and we had the yummiest pumpkin soup that came out of the oven it its WHOLE glory when we came back.

I did not change anything in this recipe:
Because this is great Alton Brown and all his recipes should not be changed for a reason!

Enjoy and happy trick-or -treating ;)

PS.I love sharing my pictures even though they are far from great quality photos ;) I know Miki would disagree with this.


  1. WOW!!! Look at that gorgeous whole pumpkin with a soup in it! I've also always wanted to learn how to make it and now I'll know how, thanks a lot for sharing! It almost looks like a fondue :P I have also enjoyed a lot reading your post :) Beautifully written! I wish we had celebrated this holiday as children too, it brings out creativity and imagination to decorate and dress up! Not to mention unlimited amounts of candies for that evening :P

    p.s. Yes, Miki thinks that every photo on our blog is gorgeous in its own way. Sometimes I am just too hungry and/or tired to clean things around before I take a snap and don't necessarily spend much time arranging. The other time I would actually get very excited to plan ahead and play with the arrangements, have the plate I wanted to go with my dish ready and handy and the lightning all adjusted, etc. etc. It's all about having fun with it and loving to share with others who may find this idea and recipe useful <3 Thank you for being part of that joy!