Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flourless bread: Apple, seed and nut bread by Rachel Khoo

To continue the series after meatless stew, we proceed with flourless bread.
This bread is made of nuts and seeds. It can be paired with a savory meal, and also eaten as a dessert with fruit jam. It is best toasted, just imagine eating toasted nuts! I've sliced the remaining portion and put it in the freezer. When I was in need of a hearty snack before the excercise or early dinner when I'm rushing to my evening yoga class after work, I would toast it and eat with almond butter on top with a bit of rasperry jam which is my favorite!

Here is the video of the recipe:

I've followed the proportions from the recipe and would not change anything the next time around, it was just perfect like that!

Bon appetit,


  1. Great idea! I may try this. How do you mill flaxseeds? Also we run out of dried apples but still have dried persimmon - i wonder if it would be too sweet/ good idea to use it instead of apples?

  2. :) It is also good for picnics, food for long drives, and to have it in the freezer when in need.
    I didn't mill flaxseed (=linseed), bought them whole and also already grounded (flaxseed meal).
    Maybe in the coffee grinder?
    I think it will be great with dried persimmons, because it was lacking I felt a bit of sweetness at the end. :)
    Let me know how it turned out when you make it! ;)