Sunday, August 17, 2014

An interesting way to cut a watermelon...

I don't know anybody who loves watermelon more than my dad! 
We have bought him a very silly figurine in the shape of the watermelon slice 
with a Snoopy. During winter, when there are no watermelons available in Serbia, he says it is so hard for him to look at it! Few months ago he found the first imported watermelon in the store and bought it. My mom doesn't approve of buying imported fruit that is not in the season, so he sneakily ventured by himself and bought it. He was sooo happy that he took this very stylish photo to send us :) Nowadays during summer, he is the first to wake up in the morning and go to the market to buy a fresh watermelon almost every day. 

Recently, I have learned from a friend an interesting way to cut a watermelon. It doesn't have the center piece we call "heart" and cannot replace the love with which my dad cuts it, but it is good for a party as it can be cut into bite-size pieces. It reminds me of cutting an onion :)

I have also liked the idea, posted by a fellow bloger recently, of using a cookie cutter to make decorative watermelon pieces that she e.g. used in a salad:

Bon appetit,


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