Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Impromptu mid-week dinner

It is one of those weeks that drags slowly... and even though it is Wednesday, 
Wednesday, it feels like Monday... and Friday seems soooo faaar away. Impromptu crepes came to the rescue this evening! I've had few Meyer lemons lying around, somehow there was a ricotta in the fridge, and a whipping cream (that I really shouldn't be consuming, but bought it only for a chestnut puree that I was craving for the other day)... Oh, I've remember why ricotta was in the fridge also (I don't like it too much though, it tastes bland to me), but I have nevertheless bought it to try out this recipe that I saw on Pinterest (with my eyes trained to spot anything 'Meyer lemony'):

Instead of regular, I've made crepes with buckwheat (to trick myself into believing that it was okay to eat all that creme!).
You can use this recipe for crepes and replace half of the flour it is calling for with buckwheat flour. 

I never post any ads on the blog, but I have to say that this apricot fruit spread is so delicious! I am going to start buying fruit spreads from now on, instead of jams. I've found this one in particular at Whole Foods. 
I didn't know before that fruit spread is actualy a jam with no added sugar! Wonderful! :D

Bon appetit,


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