Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Food decoration ideas

I wanted to share few of my favorite food decoration tips. Please feel free to add to this post your favorite ideas and what inspires you to decorate your food, whether it being just for the fun, making food more appealing to children, holiday celebrations, marking certain days and making them more special, etc.

1. It's no secret that I adore penguins! That is why they take the 1st place here :)

2. Easter is coming-up soon! 

4. Bringing Christmas into strawberry season 

5. It's okay if you cannot fit 100 :) 


7. Vegetarian Thanksgiving

8. Christmas Tree

9. More Christmas decorations ... 

10. Summer

11. Sea monsters

12. Hearty carrot

13. Easy and fun breakfast

14. Romantic eggs

15. Fruity snack

17. Veggie bouquet

18. Little salad addition

19. Halloween 

20. Awww.... so easy and yet so cute!

21. Aye, banana pirates

22. Crab apple

23. Mali Cira 


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