Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Vanilice" with a twist - recipe from 'Three Little Halves'

Recently, my friend's recipe was featured in Food & Wine magazine. How exciting! :) Having tried Sashka's recipes before and vanice being one of my favorite cookies, I was looking forward to trying out this recipe. The fact that I've made them twice since tells you all... Last time I didn't have pistachios at hand, so I've replaced them with almonds which worked very well. 

Here is the recipe:

You can find other Sashka's recipes on her blog here:

Bon appetit,


  1. Milena, these look great and I love vanilice too:) Was just contemplating to make them the other day and now I will have to. Have a feeling nadja is going to love it:) Btw I love the pictures of all your recipes. Are u coming soon to our hood?

  2. This is simultaneous! :-) I was just re-reading the post as I'm contemplating on which quick desert to make after dinner tonight. :P I'm so glad you love this recipe idea, too! Thank you so much, Cecili, for the comment about photos, my favorite one is Iva's and Nadja's where they are tasting home made chocolate, as no other photo can be sweeter!! <3 <3 I have a friend visiting till end of February and I would like him to meet you so we will organize something! Kisses to all :* :* :* :*